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Thriving in the Global Workplace

At Kiso HQ we're highlighting the opportunity to work remotely for companies across the globe as tech sales representative.

So we think it's important to share with you useful information that will help you to do well in the global workplace.

To make this easy for you, we put together a video that provides this information which you need in succinct details.

Special Update: Gain Free Access to Kiso Intensive!

We're excited to announce the launch of Kiso Open Access.

Every month 5 people will be selected to join our Kiso Intensive training program for free through Kiso Open Access.

Kiso Open Access is an assessment-based entry program that requires you to complete certain tasks designed to help you demonstrate your readiness to maximize the Kiso opportunity.

What is the Kiso opportunity?

Our mission at Kiso HQ is to train you to be able to land a role as a tech sales representative working remotely for tech companies across the globe.

Every month, we will open up the Kiso Open Access window for people to complete the assessment and successful candidates will be selected.

This month's window is now open.

Join our Kiso LinkedIn Community to find out more:

We're betting on you to take advantage of this opportunity to gain free access to our Kiso Intensive training and change the trajectory of your career and life.


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