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Starting a career in Tech Sales

So you want to build a tech sales career, but what can you do to make this goal a reality?

Well it’s your lucky day!

In today’s newsletter, we will discuss actionable steps you can take to start your career in tech sales.

Build your resume: When applying for a job, your resume is one of the first things a recruiter interacts with. It is the first impression they have of you and it makes or breaks your application. So before you submit that resume, first review and refine your resume to fit the job description. Even if you have no experience in tech sales or sales in general, you can look up what skills you’d need as a sales development rep and highlight past experiences that align with that.

Tighten up your linkedin: Let us let you in on a secret. In the tech world, your LinkedIn profile acts as your digital portfolio. Recruiters are always searching on LinkedIn looking to hire talent. To get ahead of the game, it’s very important that you clean up your LinkedIn profile to suit your dream role. Highlight your accomplishments, list your work experience, and demonstrate your openness to the job opportunities you want.

Do a job search: Another secret is, the companies you want to work for may not always post job ads that are easily searchable. You need to be very proactive about how you search for job opportunities. Look up keywords related to the job, message recruiters that work for the company you have your eye on, sign up for job alerts on credible platforms. These are just a few of the things you can do to quickly learn about interesting job opportunities!

Research companies: Other than doing a job search, you should also research the companies you may want to work with. First, you need to know what type of company you’d like - startups, established companies, tech sales only companies, etc - the opportunities are endless! Find out what they do and think of ways you can contribute to achieving their goal. Look up the people currently working there and their role in the company. This information can be useful during the interview phase of your job application process and also during the initial application process. Understanding what the company’s values are and the type of people that work there will help inform your decision on whether you would want to work there or not.

Network: When starting a new career, community can play a very important role in supporting you through your journey. Joining a tech sales community will give you access to valuable insight, connect you with industry leaders and job opportunities, and so much more! In fact, Kiso runs a community on Facebook to do just that. We provide our members with monthly tech sales workshops, a job board where we link available opportunities in tech sales - both global and local, and so much more!

Get training: Starting a new career can be tricky, especially when it's one where you have no previous experience or training. To prevent yourself from looking like a complete novice on the job and to get additional job search support you need to participate in a training! Do your research to make sure you pick a training that meets your needs.

There is so much more you can do to kickstart your tech sales career and the Kiso team is here to support you!

Are you ready to take the next step?

Curious about how to get started with a career in tech sales, then your best next step is to join Kiso.

We offer a paid one-month intensive program where we take things up a notch.

At Kiso Intensive, participants:

  • Learn tech sales and job prospecting skills in live training sessions

  • Optimize their job search profile (LinkedIn, CV, Cover Letter, About Me Video)

  • Master their story

  • Identify links between their experiences and sales

  • Use their new sales skills to prospect for jobs

  • Prep for interviews for entry level tech sales roles (SDR/BDR)

  • Receive feedback and support on their work at every step

Kiso is an African Tech Sales Community that is free for all who are interested in learning more about the opportunities in the tech sales sector. The community already has over 140 members.

Here's what members get in the free community:

  • Tech sales awareness education

  • Job search education

  • Free webinars

  • Industry updates

  • A community of tech sales enthusiasts

From all us atKiso HQ

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