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More Tech Sales Career Paths

So you’ve launched your tech sales career and now feel like you’re ready to switch things up.

Here are some career paths that tech sales professionals have explored and enjoyed success.

If they did, you too can!

Marketing: This is a popular field that fits snugly with the sales experience. In simple terms, marketing is all about reaching the right target audience with the right messaging through various forms such as content on a blog, online videos, events, product experiences, etc. Sounds like sales but with a more one-to-many approach.

Strategy and Operations: If you agree that sales is the heart of any business then you will understand why salespeople do well with strategy and operations. The logic is simple. If you have spent some time selling products, then you have a fair idea of how the whole system should work for the sales process, the heart of the business to operate successfully. With some upskilling, salespeople become great at strategy and operations.

Sales Learning & Development: This is an interesting field and an empowering role in any sales organization. If you would rather focus on and develop how to strengthen and enable sales teams rather than facing clients, then sales learning and development is a great role for you. Working in sales learning and development means looking at the holistic system of what it takes to become a great sales professional and integrating key areas like Sales Processes and Systems, Information and Resources, Learning Strategy, and Leadership Practices to push sales teams to their maximum potential.

Product Research & Development: Every sales team needs a product to sell. That’s where the product research and development field comes in. Working in Product R&D will see you doing a lot of ground work like market research, product developing, and user testing to design products that really serve the customer and meet their needs. Having a great product to sell, gives the sales team an extra boost of confidence when doing their work.

Customer Success Management: A customer success manager is very close to a sales role. The role of a Customer Success Manager is right in the name, they ensure the customer is successful in using the product and help to build a pipeline of returning customers by ensuring customer satisfaction after the sale.

Account Management: Account managers serve as the go-to person between companies and their customers. Their top priority is addressing the needs and concerns that customers have as quickly and effectively as possible. The goal of managing an account is to build and maintain strong relationships with customers to ensure customers are happy and continue to do business with an organization.

Sales Enablement: With sales enablement, you would be responsible for ensuring that your business's sales team has the resources they need to close more deals. These resources could be learning content, relevant industry updates, technology and training to effectively sell your product or service to customers.

Sales Partnerships: helps Partnerships help organizations to extend their presence through others. A partner is usually another business that serves the same target audience and can introduce your business to their clients in exchange for a commission or a service based on your agreement.

Where do you see your tech sales career path taking you?

Let us know by replying to this email.

Curious about how to get started with a career in tech sales, then your best next step is to join Kiso.

Kiso is an African Tech Sales Community that is free for all who are interested in learning more about the opportunities in the tech sales sector. The community launched on Mar 05 and already has 139 members.

Here's what members get in the free community:

  • Tech sales awareness education

  • Job search education

  • Free webinars

  • Industry updates

  • A community of tech sales enthusiasts

We also offer a paid one-month intensive program where we take things up a notch.

At Kiso Intensive, participants:

  • Learn tech sales and job prospecting skills in live training sessions

  • Optimize their job search profile (LinkedIn, CV, Cover Letter, About Me Video)

  • Master their story

  • Identify links between their experiences and sales

  • Use their new sales skills to prospect for jobs

  • Prep for interviews for entry level tech sales roles (SDR/BDR)

  • Receive feedback and support on their work at every step

This is just the beginning for us. We have plans to provide more value to our Kiso Intensive alumni in the near future, such as:

  • Practice workshops

  • Job performance support

  • subsidized course/program fees for continuous learning

  • tech sales internships

  • member verification for Kiso referrals

  • ... and lots more

From all us at Co-create Africa

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